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What Is The Best Month To Go On An African Safari


Intending on going on an African safari? But don’t quite know which month is best for an African safari tour?

 If that is you, then worry no more because on this article you’re going to know the perfect month for an African safari.

so let’s dive in,

What Month Is Best For An African Safari?

The best month for an African safari is typically from July to October, by this time the animals are easier to find because it is dry season, the animals can be easily spotted on a small concentration of lakes where they seek to quench their thirst.

so I’ve made a table below showing you the best months for an African safari on most African regions.

Although this depends on the particular African country you are planning on touring.

Countries Best month to visit
Kenyathe best month for an African safari in Kenya is typically from July to October
TanzaniaIf you’re planning to see the great migration of wildebeest in the Serengeti, then your best shot is February through March
UgandaThis is a bit tricky because Uganda is very rainy all year round, but there are openings in January-February and May-July, even December
ZambiaThe best time on a safari tour in Zambia is September to early November 
South AfricaIf you are planning on visiting the kruger national park in South Africa, then your best shot is from June through September 
table showing the best month for an African safari on most African countries


Which Is The Best African Country For Safari

In all honesty,  I would have loved giving Botswana or Malawi the title but Kenya is clearly the best African country for safari tours.

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Because Kenya has 25 National parks, 16 national reserves, 6 marine parks and they boast of 390 species of mammals, 1,100 species of birds, 280 reptiles species and 115 amphibians.

  Park Amboseli is Kenya’s most popular parks covering 151 Square miles near the Tanzanian border that is known for its massive elephant population and the stunning iews If mount Kilimanjaro.

Is December A Good Time To Go On An African Safari?

In all, December is not a good time to go on an African safari, although it’s still worth considering if you are on a budget because at that times rates a tremendously slashed.

I hope you enjoyed this article? Feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any question(s)

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