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African Safari Cost For Family Of 4

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Planning on spending your next holiday on an African safari with your family?

African safaris could be pretty capital intensive if you don’t plan and know all the nitty gritty and how to cut down cost,

That’s why in this post, I’m going to show you how much it cost to plan an African safari with a family of 4 and how you can cut down on cost.

Safari Cost For Family Of 4

Well, this depends on many factors like the seasons, the tour operators and accommodation, with all this in mind you could spend well around $1,250 at minimum.

Cutting Safari Tour Costs

You could cut down costs by following the steps below,

  • Joining group safaris
  • Booking in advance
  • Book with a local tour operator
  • Find cheap accommodation
  • A single day safari

Joining group safaris; what this simply means is to join other people who are looking on going that safari also, this helps in reducing the cost of practically everything from accommodation to meals, you name it.

Booking in advance; yes, this helps in reducing cost to some extent, when flight tickets are booked earlier, it makes it less capital intensive.

Book with a local tour operator; don’t just go and book on a platform like safariguide.com because they add extra charges for their services, instead contact a local tour operator which is nore direct and cost effective.

Find cheap accommodation; this does not need any explanation, if you’re looking In cutting down cost, you just have to find cheaper accommodations.

A single day safari; instead of a week-long safari, why not opt for just a single day with your family, after all, most parks makes provisions to see the wildlife in the http://krugerpark.co.za in South Africa and also chance to see the big five, all in a day’s trip.

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I hope you found this article helpful?

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