ever since my childhood I’ve been wondering why Lions don’t attack tourist in an open vehicle,

They always seem to overlook Tourist in an open safari vehicle,

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is it because the Lions are well trained to recognise that these are tourists and not prey?

if you are like me some years back wondering why Lions don’t attack tourist in an open vehicle then this article is for you,

so let’s get to it, shall we?

why Lions rarely attack tourist in an open vehicle

a lion wouldn’t think twice about attacking and individual human but for humans in an open vehicle it won’t because it sees the vehicle and the humans in it as a larger animal that is far more powerful than itself which don’t quite align with the traits of a prey.

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from afar the Lions can even feel the power and vibration the safari vehicle makes which is a bit strange and unusual for the Lions, Instinct tells them straight away that they don’t stand a chance against this larger and powerful strange Beast.

Note; if the Lions for whatever reason try to attack your safari vehicle, never run out of the vehicle

your best bet is in the vehicle.

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