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Top 10 Cheap Places To Live In Port Harcourt


planning on relocating from your current place to the city of Port Harcourt or you already live in Port Harcourt but trying to move out from that area to a cheaper area in Port Harcourt where the cost of living and the housing cost is a less cheaper?

either way, you’re on the right article to help you achieve your desired goals.

but before we dive in on this article on cheap places to live in Port Harcourt let me introduce myself and tell you why you should listen to me.
firstly I’m from Rivers State Nigeria, I go by the name Williams Odephodini and I own this blog safaritour.com.ng.

almost all my life I’ve lived in Port Harcourt city in a place called warri street D/lines although we call that place the Diobu side of D/lines because it is in the boundary of diobu and d/lines close to Mile 1 market and also close to the headquarters of winners Chapel in Port Harcourt.

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I also completed my primary school here in Port Harcourt at Port Harcourt Primary School beside Isaac Boro park and my Secondary Education at international secondary school you can call the secondary school of Rivers State University where I’m currently studying microbiology.

enough of myself and let’s get to business,

cheap places to live in Port Harcourt

because of its abundance of greenery Port Harcourt has been dubbed Nigeria’s Garden City and is currently considered one of Nigeria’s most crowded cities.

The city’s daily population expansion along with the exorbitant rent rates has made living in this Metropolis extremely difficult,

however, choosing where to reside is a personal choice for each person.

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currently, residential projects are sprouting up in the city’s outskirts much to the delight of those wishing to live in a neighborhood removed from the city’s hustle and bustle but some still prefer to live within the metropolis,

I have compiled a list of the cheapest places to live in Port Harcourt.

here it is,

  • Eneka
  • Eagle Island
  • Rumukrushi
  • Rumuodomaya
  • Diobu
  • Orogbum
  • Abuloma
  • Oroworukwo
  • Runiu kalgbo
  • D/lines

As someone who has resided in Port Harcourt all is life, these are the cheapest places you could reside without busting the bank and there are nice 1 room, self contains, 1 bedroom, two bedrooms for rent in all the listed areas mentioned above

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I'm Williams Odephodini by name and I am the founder of safaritour.com.ng, a blog that is dedicated to guiding tourists and immigrants on the African safari. Feel free to contact us via email admin@safaritour.com.ng


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