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Do Snails Eat Plantain Leaves? ( Find Out)

white and brown shell snail on green leaf
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Snails are commonly found eating plantains, but there is no evidence that they can digest the leaves. Plantain leaves are high in cellulose which is not digested by snails.

Do snails eat plantain leaves?

Many people are unaware that snails can actually eat plantain leaves. This is because the leaves are small and the snail can only digest them if they are severely damaged. If a snail eats a plantain leaf, it will probably not cause any harm, but it is interesting to know for those who are curious.

Snails are known to consume a variety of things, but they have never been documented as eating plantain leaves. Some people believe that the snail might be able to digest some of the nutrients in the plantain leaves, but there is still no scientific evidence to back up this claim. If you’re wondering if your snail will eat your plantain leaves, it’s best not to give them any.

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific species of snail and plantain in question. Some snails are herbivores and will consume plantain leaves, while others are carnivores and will not eat the plant. Similarly, some plantains are edible to humans while others are not. Therefore, it is difficult to say unequivocally whether or not snails can eat plantain.

How Often Should a Snail Be Fed?

Feeding a snail is relatively straightforward. The recommended feeding schedule for a snail is once a week. Some people choose to feed their snails more often, while others opt to feed them less frequently; however, the once-a-week feeding schedule is generally recommended. When feeding a snail, it is important to offer them a variety of food items. This can include fruits and vegetables, as well as meat.

However, the frequency of feeding may depend on the size of the snail, the type of food, and the climate. For example, in warm climates snails may need to be fed more often because they consume more food to stay cool. In addition, larger snails may need to be fed more frequently than smaller snails.

How Do I Know If My Snails Are Hungry?

The first step in determining if your snails are hungry is to look at their behavior. If they are inactive and have not been eating, then they may be hungry. You can also check to see if their shells are thin by gently pressing your thumb against the shell. If the shell feels thin, then the snail is likely hungry. Finally, you can perform a weight test by picking up your snail and seeing how much it weighs. A lighter snail is likely hungry.


In conclusion, it appears that snails do in fact eat plantain leaves. While there is some debate over whether or not this is a healthy diet for them, it seems to be at least somewhat beneficial. If you are a gardener and have an abundance of plantains, consider putting them out for your snails to enjoy!

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