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Can You Outrun A Snake? Find Out

brown and beige snake in the grass during daytime
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Snakes are one of the most common reptiles in the world, with over 3,400 different species found across every continent except Antarctica. They are known for their limbless condition and greatly elongated body and tail. These reptiles are able to move quickly and accurately through serpentine paths thanks to their thin body walls.

Can You Outrun A Snake?

The average person can only manage to sprint at about 12 miles per hour, while the average snake can slither along at about 6 miles per hour. However, there are a few factors that could give someone a chance of outrunning a snake.

For one, snakes aren’t very fast when they first start moving, so if you can get away quickly you might be able to lose them.

What Are The Different Types Of Snake Locomotion

Snakes use at least five unique modes of terrestrial locomotion. These include:

Lateral Undulation

This is the most common way for snakes to move on land. The snake bends its body from side to side and pushes off with its belly, propelling itself forward.

Concerntia Undulation

This is used by large snakes such as pythons and boas. The snake coils its body and then straightens it out again, pushing off with its belly.

Rectilinear locomotion

This is used by some snakes that live in very sandy areas. The snake moves forward in a straight line by pushing off with its belly and tail.


This is used by fast-moving snakes that need to twist their bodies around obstacles.

Slide Pushing

The slithering motion of a snake is unique. It involves vigorous undulations of the body that slide widely over the surface.

This creates a kind of locomotion that is very efficient for snakes. They can move quickly and smoothly, allowing them to navigate through difficult terrain and escape predators.

How Fast Does A Snake Move

There is no one definitive answer to this question as different species of snake can move at different speeds.

However, on average, snakes can move around 4-5 miles per hour. Some snake species, like the racer, can move up to 10 miles per hour, while other species, like the garter snake, are much slower moving and may only move a couple of miles per hour.

Which Is The Fastest Snake

The sidewinder is known as the fastest snake in the world. The sidewinder can move its body at a speed of 18.02 mph (29 kph). This makes it the fastest snake globally.

Sidewinders are found in North America and they live in desert habitats.

These snakes get their name from their habit of slithering sideways when they move. They use this method to move quickly across sand surfaces.

Do Snakes Live In Water?

When it comes to snakes, most people think of them as land animals.

But there are certain snake species that have adapted to an aquatic environment, such as sea snakes.

These snakes are expert swimmers, and can stay underwater for long periods of time. They also have a flattened tail that helps them move through the water more easily.

Do Snake Chase Human?

There is no evidence that snakes actively pursue humans, though they may stand their ground if threatened. In fact, most snake bites occur when someone tries to handle or kill a snake.

If a snake suddenly encounters human, it will try to flee as quickly as possible.

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